Aelita Jahan

The self-appointed Party Mom, resident Nature Priestess.


Aelita grew up as the eldest of a veritable brood of children, and in order to make things easier on her parents, was often tasked with child-rearing duties. As she has come of age that duty has passed on to the next eldest, so for the first time in her life Aelita has free time. She has taken up as the shrine maiden at her parents’ shrine, which venerates the concept of the River in its highest idealized state. Though her own beliefs differ slightly, the job comes with its own private quarters at the shrine- an offer that she is happy to take.

Though Aelita used to be something of a wild-child, she had mellowed into a pious and disciplined young woman- rather tame for a nature priestess, though it would be a mistake to call her reserved. As such, she was something of the party kill-joy; the friend you bring along on your harebrained schemes so you have a voice of reason to tell to shut up.
But all of that changed when she met Niel, the brooding and soulful eldest son of the House of Ashe. After meeting (and falling for one another hard) at the Berem summer festival, their dark and mysterious souls entwined. They’ve pledged their love to one another, and are keeping up a long-distance letter correspondence. Aelita’s newfound confidence has spurred something of a “Scene” phase- new clothes, blue hair, and poetry of much more broody subject material than she was previously prone to.

Don’t laugh- her poetry is really very good.

Aelita Jahan

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