Brandy Holt

Owns the Riverside Inn with her Husband, Dean.


Brandy has owned the Riverside Inn herself for the better part of fifty years- Dean has been in the picture for the last twenty or so. She is gregarious and outgoing, and a good hand with horses, which is a relief to travelers coming in from a long ride to town.

The last long while, she has left a lot of the actual innkeeping to Dean- as he gets on in years, it’s far more comfortable for him. Brandy is, at best, gently teasing of everybody. At worst, she can be downright nosy. As one of the few full-blooded elves in town, she has watched many of the last generation grow up, little as she speaks of it. As a result, she gives the impression that she doesn’t take people very seriously- the older generation are more than accustomed to this.

For better or worse, Brandy always seems to be keeping a straight face only with considerable effort- her smile, once it breaks, is infectious. Dean has grown very good at stopping her before she goes too far, but then, he an’t always be there. It’s on these occasions that she tells the most embarrassing stories, and damn the consequences.

Brandy Holt

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