Dean Holt

Runs the Riverside Inn with his Wife, Brandy.


Dean is a Khadam’ur merchant, human, heavyset, and bearded, who settled in Berem somewhere over thirty years ago. He might well have moved on, had Brandy not snatched up his heart.

Dean is every part of exactly what you’d expect of an Innkeeper- quiet and unobtrusive, for the most part, though he’s quick to step in and save Brandy- and their guests- from the consequences of her sharp tongue. Dean has slowed down as he’s gotten on in years, and though he doesn’t much look it, he’s feeling his years. These days, he’s as apt to join in on a joke as stop it, and most of his work is with the customers.

Dean can wheedle gold from a stone- years as a merchant have seen to that. As a result, he and Brandy get excellent prices for their supplies from the caravans which now pass through Berem- Dean speaks their language. He brings in at least as many customers as Brandy drives off.

Dean Holt

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