Erin Quidd Junior

The nominal leader of our young heroes, Quidd is the shared link in the chain of events which brought them together.


Quidd is the group’s Tom Sawyer- the de facto leader, who has in the past been the most responsible for getting the group into the best kinds of trouble.

Quidd’s father, for whom he is named, is a shipping broker in Berem, who negotiated trade from Drom to pass through Berem instead of going around the Gatherridge Mountains to Jardhen. He has always hoped that Quidd would follow in his footsteps, but Quidd’s head was firmly in his books, his eyes firmly on the horizon and the idea of adventure.

After the party explored a mysterious and ancient Greenhouse high in the mountains, almost getting themselves killed in the process, Quidd went home and confessed their whole adventure to his father, who promptly arranged to take him on a trip out of town. Quidd left, having had time only to say goodbye to Richard, his very best friend. A day out of harbor, The Storm hit, and Quidd was thrown from the ship and lost at sea. He made his way back home over the course of almost three months, walking the long way around the lake by himself.

He hasn’t yet told the party what happened to him out in the wide world, but between then and now, Quidd has manifested strange magical powers- always so envious of his friends who could do magic, he now has a little of his own. But the cost seems to have been a high one- Quidd’s behaviour has shown a fresh streak of darkness and cruelty, leaving the party to wonder- just what has happened to our Friend?

Erin Quidd Junior

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