Fable (Fabelious Trynn)

Fabulous Bookworm, Incorrigible Show-Off


Fable was your typically bull-headed, cootie-fearing little boy, and at the age of 14 he’s proven to be a little slow to grow out of that stage. Coming from a family of seamstresses and tailors, he spent a lot of his childhood trying desperately to get away from his many sisters and ‘girly’ things, and he went through a long phase of rebelling against everything he found in his family life, good or bad. Perhaps it was rebelling from the finely tailored, elegant, beautiful clothing his family made that lead to him spending so much time at the monastery.

The monastery became his escape in two ways. First, he found the martial arts that were practiced to be a stark contrast to the mild mannered, polite life he had at home. They were still elegant, but powerful and simple. Second, he found that he could get lost in books, and books were something that he could sneak out of the monastery and bring home, so that he could escape without actually leaving his house.

Now a teenager, Fable has become quite the show-off. He’s read more books than he’s properly understood, and he makes a point of ensuring everybody around him knows how well read and wise he is. He’s also spent a decent amount of time trying to copy the monks he’s spent so many hours watching train. He’s never had any actual instruction, though, so while much of what he does looks correct to an outward observer, the fact of the matter is to the trained eye his footing and balance is all wrong, and altogether his form is terrible. Despite this, he’s still found a couple of tricks that he can reliably get to work. A broken clock is still right twice a day, after all.


Fable is the sixth of the seven Trynn children, and the only boy. He likes to introduce this fact by claiming to be the youngest son of seven children, because it could be misinterpreted to make him sound like a seventh son, which he considers thematically dramatic.

All the Trynn children have been trained by their parents to be seamstresses and tailors, and while they certainly aren’t the only family to work with cloth in Berem, they are widely considered to be the finest in town. Not only are they talented, but interacting with Sweet and Berga Trynn is always pleasant as peaches. The two of them are very casual and even when things go wrong they’re there with an optimistic smile and a reassuring pat on the back. Their children are, in order:

  • Adorabella “Bella” Trynn , 25. The oldest of the Trynn children, Bella is the spitting image of her mother. She doesn’t possess all the same social graces, but they have the same fair features and long golden hair. Bella has matured into what many would consider to be a prim and proper woman, and a few years ago she met and married a wealthy artisan from one of the nearby cities who specialized in working gems and precious metals. She has settled down and begun her own family in the city, and between their two fine crafts they make plenty more than they need to support themselves and their newborn son.
  • Beautifilia “Filia” and Charmina “Mina” Trynn, 21. The Trynn twins take after their mother, though not quite as drastically as Bella. While they have their mother’s hair, they have their father’s brown eyes and they certainly don’t have the charm that either of their parents have. Even as matured adults the two are quite mischievous, possibly in a more dangerous way than when they were younger. As young girls the two always got into trouble, and while that may have stopped they have developed a peculiar habit of finding out people’s well hidden dirty secrets. Nobody is sure how they get all this information, as they don’t gossip with others and are never caught poking about where they shouldn’t be. Indeed, Filia and Mina don’t seem to keep much company beyond each other. Nevertheless, there’s few who deny that if they were ever pushed far enough or given reason they could probably blackmail half the town. As it is, they tend to just sit in quiet corners and giggle while whispering back and forth.
  • Darlinda “Linda” Trynn, 18. Linda takes after her father, both in appearance and in mannerism. Long black hair, earthy brown eyes, and a very down to earth and casual grace. She doesn’t have her mother’s brilliant enthusiasm, but she can take any amount of bad news with a cool head and a relaxed grin. In many ways Linda is the most passive member of the Trynn family, and though many mistake her laid-back demeanor for slothfulness, she is perhaps the most diligent and talented seamstress of the Trynn children.
  • Enchantessa “Tessa” Trynn, 17. Both Tessa’s appearance and personality stand out among the Trynn family. In many ways she has become a teenage rebel, not one who seeks trouble, but a girl who looks for her own voice by turning away from the other voices that might try to define her. Her dark black hair is cut short and layered in a much louder fashion than that worn by the rest of the Trynn family, and her clothing, while still finely stitched by her own hands, is much more distinctive than that worn by most people. Tessa isn’t necessarily aggressive or loud, but many people think of her as such simply because her confident assertiveness contrasts so sharply from the casual grace of her parents and older siblings.
  • Fabelious “Fable” Trynn, 14. Sweet and Berga’s only son, Fable began life as a loud and rebellious youth. Many believe his immaturity and belligerence are part of the reason that Tessa turned into such a subtle rebel herself, as even from a young age she’d expressed disappointment that she didn’t get to have a little sister like the rest of her siblings. Growing up Fable detested the fine clothes and sewing lessons that his parents earnestly tried to get him to appreciate. At the age of 14 he is still in many ways immature, but he has embraced his heritage and since becoming a teenager he has finally begun to “look like a Trynn.”
  • Gorgeousel “Giselle” Trynn, 9. The youngest of the Trynn children, Giselle followed Fable’s footsteps and became quite the tomboy, unlike all of her older sisters who may as well have been princesses when they were little girls. Despite the best efforts of her parents, her short golden hair seems to always be in a tangle and her clothes always scuffed and worn at the edges. She can wrestle just as well as the boys her age, and she makes a point of doing so on a regular basis. She’s wild, reckless, and in possession of a particularly crooked smile so disarming that few can bring themselves to try preventing the trouble that it always precedes.

Fable (Fabelious Trynn)

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