Martin Kestrel

The roguish son of a sailor, and the party's voice of reason


Born in a foreign port to his elven mother, a well-known privateer, Marten has been raised by his father and step-mother since he was a young child. One of the very few half-elves in Berem, Marten holds himself a little apart from the rest of the party, still a little unsure of himself and of what he wishes to do with his life.

Marten’s parents Sid and Karen, along with his biological mother Sarifa, were an adventuring trio some twenty years ago. Having made their fortune, Sid and Karen (who were engaged to be married) settled down to open a tavern, bidding farewell to Karen’s best friend Sari, who would carry on adventuring in the ship she had just purchased. It was years before they saw her again- when she showed up with a half-elven child she claimed was Sid’s, sired the night before she left. Marten was left with his dad and stepmother, and their other son, while his mother went off to continue her adventuring ways.
Now more-or-less grown, Marten’s brother has left home to study at Eldren University in Jardhen. Marten remained in town, learning to tend bar at his parents’ establishment, The Sea Witch, and dreaming of honing his skills so that he might one day serve on his mother’s crew.

Highly competent as he is, Marten has tended to fade into the background of the group, cleaning up problems quietly as they occur. Though he is quiet, he has shown himself a shrewd person, giving more than one adult cause for concern.

Martin Kestrel

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