Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Don't Tell The Kids

Session 33

(Placeholder Blow-By-Blow)

3 days after last sesson, nobody has seen Halia
Sasha is awoken by Darryl, who says he has a meeting, and to mind the snares
Marten is in Cherry Crossing, making sure Jenna is all right
Quidd gets up to do training stretches, before going to see Halia
Sasha checks the snares, then heads to eavesdrop on the meeting
Aelita receives a letter from Niel saying that he and Deanna want to come visit as soon as they can.
Richard goes to bother Father Greyson, to tell him that he knows how to fight beastwraiths
Richard is told that Greyson is not there, but will be that afternoon. He goes traight to Lord Baird’s house to find greyson
Sasha is on the roof, and listens as Harry talks to the elders
It is decided that an envoy will be sent to Fallcrast to ask house Caerith for aid
A task force is to be assembled and leave immediately.
Quidd, meanwhile, connives his way into a meeting with Halia while Harry is at the meeting
He offers to take her on an adventure to make up for things, and they go to get Richard.
In Richard’s absence, they are lost in the Glen, wandering ancient primeval forests for HOURS
The party finds them half an hour or so later, real-time.
The party gather and plot to sneak away and follow whatever envoy is sent to Fallcrest. (Next Time)
End Session


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