Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Where are We Going From Here?
Summer Festival into Timeskip of 2 Months

Erin Quidd senior returns home the second day of the festival- the only one of the party to witness this is Marten, who is tending bar and spending time with Jenna when Quidd senior comes in and asks for a drink. Marten immediately knows that something has gone wrong- he had already heard rumours that the Sea Squall had gone down in the storm. Quid Senior insists that everything is fine, but orders a stiff drink nonetheless. This confirms Marten’s suspicions. Quidd Senior doesn’t drink hard liquor. He puts the pieces together over the next little while- something has happened to Quidd. Erin senior has determined to keep quiet about this, not having the heart to tell his son’s friends that as far as he knows, his son is dead. Marten respects this, and doesn’t mention that he knows anything- even to Quidd senior, or his parents. Things with Jenna have gone very well, and he has been thinking of going down to Cherry crossing to spend time with her. He has also considered Mona’s suggestion that he should think of visiting Fallcrest if he wants to learn more about fencing- with news on Quidd’s fate, his thoughts turn toward the future, and who his friends really are. He isn’t really THAT connected to anything here. What’s keeping him here?

Aelita spends time with Niel, who rescued her from the water after Sasha kicked her in. He turns out to be rather body-shy, but very romantic- he writes poetry and the like. By the end of the festival and his departure, they will have sworn their undying love a couple times, blah blah blah, exchanged email addresses. They will continue to write back and forth, sending letters with Caravans and runners, which is sure to eat up time and money, but be totally worth it. Aelita grows in confidence, and spends some time “finding herself”, which the party is unlikely to take seriously but many of the town will be impressed with.

Sasha spends the festival with Deanna, busily not having any duties. They wander the woods and mountains, climb the monastery and get stuck, possibly top the spire, or go rowing, the latter of which Sasha will undoubtedly hate.The aim is that a mutual respect and fast friendship should form between Sasha and Deanna- Sasha’a first gal-pal, in a sense. Maybe Sasha will even give makeup a try. Deanna thinks Miranda is just the coolest- maybe Sasha will grow closer to her mum in the next couple months.

Richard… well, who knows what Richard gets up to. The hunt on the final day of the fesitval was interesting. Richard accompanied them on the hunt itself, and it was rather a dull affair- the forest had never been quieter. He doesn’t stop them investigating his cave, and his “gentleman’s journals” were discovered- he was arrested on suspicion of murder, torture, necromancy, and a whole host of things. The charges were easily disproved, and he was released into the custody of his sister, Mai. Interestingly enough, after he was led out, the hunt got a lot more interesting- those who made it out of the forest describe an ancient primeval forest under a violet sky, from which they barely escaped with their lives- this is par for the course on the yearly hunt.

Quidd, meanwhile, has been making his slow way home. Having washed up on a solitary island inhabited by miners, he was entreated by a forest spirit to aid it getting rid of the miners. This entailed dropped certain poisonous herbs down their smokestacks, which resulted in the death of many of their number, and pulling up many of the iron stakes which keep the spirits of the island at bay. In return, it infused him with certain temporary powers to enable him to get off the island. He was tainted by these powers, however, and has ended up with a level of Warlock.
At the time of the Berem festival, he was arriving offshore of a little fishing town, who were having their own festival. Whetehr he stayed for it is up to him. He may have been busy coping with his new powers, or recovering from the swim. Regardless, after he was ready to travel, he has spent a while traveling home , first through the mountains to Harken, then all the way up the road to Berem. It’s also possible he may havewalked the desolate coast, getting along in the wild as best he could, possible befriending someone along the way who helped him survive. In whatever way, he arrives back in Berem the day of Session 27.

Jerrin, having been out hiding from his mother in the woods with Old Ben, is likely still there.

Caery probably refused to leave the monastery for the entire festival. Gods know what she’s been reading.

Fable returned home from Fallcrest with his Father for the Festival- having likely known Haska, he may have chosen to follow the Drom Caravan out on an adventure of his own.

Halgrim, who went down on the ship with Quidd, has washed up alone, in parts unknown? What yet lies in store for him? Only time will tell.

Sasha has become somewhat famous for slaying the Great Worm of Cherry Crossing. Some people down there are referring to her as Worm’s Bane.

Aelita has been developing her long-distance relationship with Niel- as Summer comes fully underway and the town of Berem grows busy with trade, getting letters back and forth is of little difficulty.

Marten has been in and out of town, having taken a trip to Fallcrest to learn a bit about rapier fighting. He has likely been spending time with Jenna on his path through Cherry Crossing.

Richard may have been briefly imprisoned about those necromancer’s books, but more recently, his sister is plotting to marry him off.

Quidd has only just arrived.

And Then Sasha and Marten Fucked
Session 26

The first day of the festival continues, from midmorning into dusk.
As recorded 5/17/2017, long late.
Sasha spends the day with Deanna, getting up to various mischief before ending up at the Sea Witch. Marten has been tending bar all day, and has run into Jenna, who was being stalked by a boy with the caravan. Marten had a few stern words with him, by which I mean he knocked him the fuck out with his staf, which seemed to just appear in his hand. He and Jenna have had a lovely day, whilst the guy Marten beat was lying in the alleyway. Richard went and found a live bby deer, and dragged it back to Lord Baird’s manor, where he, the house of Ashe, and Mayor Mattis of Cherry Crossing are having a lunch, discussing the issue of the Bloodless Brotherhood. Aelita and Niel have climbed to the roof of the manor, and are eavesdropping- Aelita finds out at this time that he is the son of Lord and Lady Ashe. He confides his concerns in Aelita about thew Bloodless Brotherhood, and that he thinks they’re a much bigger threat. She brags that their group has beaten them up once or twice, and Niel is suitably impressed- he begs that she keep an eye out, and trusts the defense of this quarter of the world to her, his love. (Blech.) The brunch is interrupted by a young deer running panicked throughout the manor, having been released into a window by Richard. Niel and Aelita take advantage of the confusion to slip down to the balcony as the nobles chase the deer, and snag some treats and a bottle of wine. They then dash off to the shore of Katmara to recite poetry, and for Aelita to invite him to come hear the song she’s composed at what amounts to an open mic later.
The group gathers amongst the town by firelight, and Aelita sings the epic song she has composed about Sasha defeating the Great Worm of Cherry Crossing, which ends in “And Then Sash-a and Mar-ten Did It In The Butt.” Sasha launches herself at Aelita with a shout, and axe-kicks her into unconsciousness before dragging her offstage and to the docks. Marten and Jenna, bluching, take their leave. Richard is nowhere to be seen. Sasha awaits Aelita’s revival, before knocking her into the lake. She is rescued by Niel- Deanna thinks this is all hilarious. Sasha storms off.

A Midsummer Night's Daydream
Session 25

On the day before the festival, Marten is asked to watch the tavern, whilst it becomes clear to him and Sasha that their parents have some kind of bet going. Aelita puts her mind to it that she will find a paramour by festival’s end.

Sasha has sat herself on a rooftop to watch the procession entering town, when she takes note of a group of children gathered around a tree. Joining them in looking up, she sees a young woman in a formerly fine dress, who has climbed halfway up the tree, some fifty feet in the air. Sasha has to coach herdown, and she introduces herself as Deanne. She is obviously of noble blood, but has a wild streak. They hit it off a little bit, and take off to run the fields, then bother Marten.

Aelita, enthusiastically cheering the crowd whilst dressed to the nines in the town colours, notices a brooding young man on the bridge after they’ve all gone. She proceeds to stalk him a bit, as he wanders wistfully down past the stables, feeding the horses and slipping off. Her heart, of course, melts. She visits the Trynn’s boutique to put in an order for some likewise dark and brooding clothing from Tessa. Later, after dark, she’s headed out to bathe, and find this boy in her courtyard, tossing rocks into the river. (He’s such a rebel-this is the river shrine!) She bathes, while he pointedly doesn’t look, then they share some painfully awkward teenaged flirting and commiseration about society and dark things. His name is Niel, and he’s here with his parents. Aelita retrieves some sacrament wine, and they drink illicitly on the roof, while he produces an apple and cuts it in half. She suddenly surprises him with a kiss, and in his shock, he falls off the roof.

Marten had hoped to catch sight of Jenna, but after spying Miranda and Karen among the honour guard for the house of Ashe, he just keeps to the tavern. He encounters a Drom merchant, who barters a few spices and exotic foodstuffs for four pitchers of beer for his company, promising he will return with the pitchers. He does so in short order, and Marten learns a bit about Drom merchants, bracing himself in the meanwhile for a few days with rather less coin changing hands than he’s used to. Sasha and Deanne come in for drinks. Marten draws a few solid conclusions about Deanne from the start, but the thee share a couple drinks into the night while Sasha and Marten take turns telling her stories about their adventures, much to her jealousy. Marten insists that Sasha walk Deanne home at the end of the night, and she goes home to Lord Baird’s door.

The first day of the festival comes- an opening ceremony is held, maypoles are danced, and fun is had. Just after dawn is an archery contest, which Aelita is entered in. She takes third place, after Darryl in second, and an old scarred woodsman named Ben in first. Casual commentary reveals that Ben is the one who taught Darryl to use a bow. Niel watches the contests from the side- Deanne has slept in until the Melee.

Sasha, Marten and Richard compete in the Melee alongside Sid and Darryl, who are fighting unarmed. Darryl’s feet are tied, and Sid’s hands as well. No monks of the monastery participate, nor Master Jachen, Sherrif Wolfe, or any of the Ashen Guard. Sid and Darryl, obviously, barrel over most of the competition, tying for first because they can’t figure out a way to shake hands comfortably. Of the seventy or so remaining participants, Sasha and Richard tie for sixth, while Marten takes eighth. Deanne cheers loudly for Sasha and Marten the whole time. After things are concluded, Lord and Lady Ashe take their leave along with Lord Baird, and Niel slips into the crowd behind them. Aelita follows Niel, following the noble bunch, while Deanne greets Sasha off the battlefield.

Festival Preparations
Session 24

A little time has passed, and the party finds themselves involved in preparations for the Berem Summer Festival. Lord and Lady Ashe will be attending, as well as all the folk from far-flung farms who fall under Lord Baird’s domain. Marten keeps himself busy between working in the tavern and visiting with Mona. Aelita and Sasha take their gains from the shipwreck to Alana Reed for identification. Richard proposes to Lord Baird that there should be a great hunt for the festival, and Lord Baird agrees.

Breaching Trust
Session 23

Party returns from the ship, having found nothing. Marten later confides in Lord Baird that they have been there before, and gives him the coin, causing much concern in Lord Baird.

A Trapdoor in the Mountains
Session 22

Richard and Marten Adventure
Journey to the Ship Probably
Happens parallel to the prior session, then afterward.

Very old necromancer den. Marten goes to gather the party the next morning- Darryl has carried both Aelita and Sasha back home to the loft- Marten arrives to find them both mostly undressed, hungover in the same bed.
The party journeys back to the ship.

Back with Bacon
Session 21

After dinner, Marten is snatched by Richard to help him with his mysterious cellar. Sasha ad Aelita meet up the next day, but everyone is busy. They spar briefly, channeling Fable a little, before deciding to hunt a Boar.

They encounter a hostile, venemous boar, mutated by the Greenhouse waste which they have dealt with before, and kill it after nearly losing Sasha to its slashing tusks. They then take the boar back to the inn as an apology to Sid and Karen for Sasha having made a mess the other day punching out Dewey.

After comparing bruises with a very drunk Darryl, who has fallen off a mountain, they get into a drinking contest and drink one another under the table on Sid’s homebrew until Sid has to carry then outside and queeze their stomachs empty.

Dinner Parties are Never Boring
Session 20

Sasha has been confined to rest by Aelita, who won’t let her leave until she has recovered enough to beat Aelita at arm-wrestling. Marten works over the course of the week, and Richard goes about his usual. Hiking high in the mountains, Richard comes across a trapdoor in a relatively level spot of ground- ancient, and iron, and locked shut.

Each of the party is delivered a letter, sealed with the symbol of house Baird. In it, they are cordially invited to the home of Lord Baird for a formal dinner two days hence, “in honour and gratitude of their services to the town”, though WHICH town isn’t specified.
Marten doesn’t want to go, especially since he doesn’t think he has anything formal to wear, but Karen shares a little trick with him- scraping off the words which read “Formal”, and writing in “a Casual”.
Sasha is surprised to find out that she and Darryl have a mailbox, and resigns herself to go clothes shopping with Aelita, who won’t shut up about it.
Richard leaves his letter on a shelf, unopened, as he cannot read.

Aelita and Sasha go to the Trynns’ to have clothes made up, and Sasha buys a new cloak at this time. They had intended to have Fable do it, but are informed that he’s out of town with his father. Aelita has her ill-gotten dresses from the shipwreck tailored, and Sasha gets a pair of smartly-fitting breeches and a practical shirt.
Marten is tracked down by Richard, who wants his to come take a look at a lock on a door in the mountains. Marten agrees, reminds Richard about dinner, and goes to make preparations. Richard responds with, “Marten, you have dinner every day”, and leaves. Over the next day, Marten has Mona take a look at a few of the weapons he’s acquired over the course of the last couple months, and she is impressed by their quality- the masterwork punching dagger in particular, though she assured him that his other knife is of fine make as well. Sasha drops by and asks if Mona can make her a new knife, which she is elated by and immediately begins designing a few. She’ll get in touch with Sasha when it’s finished.

At dinner, Lord Baird arrives in a manner of casual dress similar to Marten’s, and invites the party to sit, insistent that they’ll discuss business after dinner. Once plates are cleared, he shoos the few servants away and thanks the party for their actions aiding Seidi Jahan in Cherry Crossing. They did great work, without even being asked, which is very impressive.
He then confides in them that he’s grown concerned with the behaviour of the sailors whose ship was blown out of harbor- their bills are racking up, and they keep insisting the money is “on the ship”. They haven’t made any move so far to go and get it, and Lord Baird wants to be sure that they money actually exists, so he won’t have to imprison these men. Marten, of course, knows that the money isn’t there, since he took it back to town already, but the rest of the group has no such clue. Aelita DOES manage to keep her mouth shut about their previous adventure, though, which is a blessing of its own.

Lord Baird insists that discretion is very important in this matter- he doesn’t want to make a show of force by sending the militia, since it would be in the town’s best interests to keep this merchant’s business, but he can’t let his people be made fools of. Therefore, he’d like to pay the party a few silver a day plus all needed expenses, to take a few days’ walk down the shore as far as his jurisdiction reaches, and see whether they can find the ship. If it isn’t within his lands, then he can’t exert any influence over the wreck, but if it is, then the crew’s balance can be commandeered.
The party agrees, and is to let him know when they’d like to leave, so he can make all the necessary preparations quietly. Lord Baird adds that he has let their parents know that he wants to hire their children for some discreet and private work, so the party should not feel obligated to tell their parents about the details of this trip. With that, the group thanks Lord Baird, and takes their leave.

The next day, Sasha checks in on Mona, who has worked out a few blade blanks. They’ll need grinding and finishing, and then to have hilts and sheaths made, but there’s progress.
End Session

Sasha's Bane
Session 19

Party goes to the tavern after arriving home. Marten meets Lord Baird, who is talkng to Seidi. Sasha kick’s Dewitt Green’s ass, throwing him some twenty feet through the air. Richard is complemented on his sailor clothes BY THE GUY WHO OWNED THEM. Leaving that night, Sasha and Richard hear the howls of Beastwraiths off in the farmlands. Richard goes back to the inn to watch over Marten. Sasha goes to fight them unarmed and unarmoured, and is beaten unconscious.
Next morning, Marten takes Ankheg mandibles to Mona, and she is intrigued. He spends the day there talking about books and projects, and telling her about the party’s adventures. Richard is accosted by Darryl, looking for Sasha, and then tracks her down. Finding her seemingly dead, he takes her home and starts to dig a grave.
Darryl finds him there and corrects him-Sasha isn’t dead, just cold as hell. (And sitting at -10, and down about eight points of Strength) He tells Richard to keep digging, and marks out a perimeter, then takes Sasha to the Jahan Shine. Returning, Darryl joins Richard in digging, and by sunset they have dug a section of earth about three feet deep, four by eight wide.

Sasha WormsBane
Session 18

Party goes to save Aelita’s mum, gets some hero worship and a drunk party. Sasha and Marten (don’t) fuck. Aelita writes a song about it.


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