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And So It Begins
Session 1; 4/1/2016

Spring has come and flowered fully in the Scorched Basin- crops are since sown and growing nicely, and the bustle of planting has died down to a comfortable level. The first festivals of early are several weeks away. Another two trade ships have docked in the past day, and caravaneers bring the first goods of the season to and fro on the road. The characters are just getting back to a little free time after helping their families handle that initial rush, and haven’t seen one another for a little while.
Richard spent all night prior to the session running, both physically and metaphorically. His father, Charles Dunsor, passed away two days ago, after a horrible downward spiral suffering from an unknown disease which left him pale and shriveling, suffering from cold sweats. The family is in mourning, Richard is avoiding everybody more than usual, and none of his friends know. He fell asleep, exhausted, just before dawn, not to awaken until his sister Anabelle comes to find him around noon.
Sasha, while out resetting snares in the early morning, takes note of some unusual markings on a tree a ways outside her normal patrol range. Investigating, she finds the bark of the tree has been abraded away, as if by rough stone or sandpaper. There are bear tracks around the base of the tree- black bear, so far as she can tell. Making a note that they seem not to head toward town, she finishes the snare route. Quidd hasn’t arrived at her home, which he usually does by that time if he’s coming. She heads back to follow those tracks to pass the time. They wind up back into the Gatherridge, but her tracking is interrupted by a wild boar around the point that the trail becomes hard to follow. She climbs to safety in a tree and waits for the boar to lose interest, and notices that the Boar bears bulges beneath the fur as if cancerous, and its tusks drip a greenish fluid. After it leaves, she gives up the trail and heads home to get some work done.
Caery wakes up very early, having gotten very little sleep. She wanders her room aimlessly for a little while, then has some breakfast, and informs Father Greyson (Great-Uncle Teddy) that she’s going to take Fen for a walk. And they do walk, right down the road from the Monastery, out of town to the Millpond, and to the water, where she tips him in and proceeds to take a long swim, until past noon. Beneath the roar of the waterfall, and the distance into the woods he practices, she doesn’t hear when Fable arrives some time later.
Fable wakes up early out of habit, dresses in his usual finery and heads down to the docks to see what unusual and showy things or new books he might find down on the docks. He peruses a case of rejects from the Eldren University in Jardhen, lingering for hours over large and ponderous tomes as he makes a show of acting contemplative. He walks away having purchased two books. First, a much-bookmarked copy of “Sorcery for Apprentices”, written in Tamek, whose prosaic language attracts his interest. It is bound in an unfamiliar, pebbly leather, and has pages of reed-paper. Second, a small journal-like black book bound in a waxy, resilient cloth with an embossed “B” on the cover. It seems to be a handwritten confession by someone involved with a secret “Black Cellar” hidden in the deepest cellars of an unspecified vineyard. Someone else has taken notes in the margins, seemingly trying to clue together where this vineyard might be. Two thirds of the way back, a hole has been cut through the rest of the pages to secrete an old, unmarked key. This seems to be the work of someone else entirely. He heads home a little before noon to get some work done, then heads into the wooded area near the Millpond and the River Shrine to practice his dramatic “Sorcerer’s Voice”, and hope he runs into Aelita.
Quidd, having spent a very long night up reading, sleeps little, and wakes at his usual 4 in the bloody morning to go get Richard. However, upon emerging from his parents’ home by the docks, he notices that two more ships have arrived and immediately runs off to look for more storybooks. Harry, a merchant who regularly carries such storybooks, is there in his rakish cap and bright red, many-pocketed vest, and Quidd loses track of the next four hours reading and not buying anything. Harry puts up wth this partly because Quidd keeps bringing back books to return free, and Harry sells them again to other people. The boy is something of a return investment. Around 10am, he suddenly realises he hasn’t gone to Richard’s yet, and sprints off, leaving his bag behind.
Richard, his sister having just left the glen after some tense and teary conversation, wonders where Quidd is- he climbs up the tallest tree in the glen to see him sprinting through a field. Upon arriving, Quidd rather immediately senses that something is wrong, though Richard initially denies it, seeking distraction. Richard confides in Quidd that his father is dead, and Quidd does his best to comfort him. Richard insists that he definitely wants to go about their usual business- his eyes say “Please distract me”. The pair of them dash off to pick up Sasha, before going to bother Caery.
They find Sasha outside the hut, occupying herself with some whittling- she changes out of her leathers when she hears they’re going to join Caery for a swim. They make their way to the Millpond, and interrupt Caery’s solitude with a cry of “Cannonball!”, to which she can only respond, “Oh no, not again.” Fable, in his nearby clearing, hears their shout, and gathers his effects to go meet them. He runs out of the trees with a shout of “Quidd! I got new books!”, which gets Quidd back out of the water in no time at all to dry and look over this “Sorcery for Apprentices” This reminds Quidd that he left his book at the Docks, and the group makes their way back over there to retrieve his back so they can go try to prank Father Greyson, which has not yet been successful- the old man is sharp as a good razor. Having gotten it, though, Quidd finds himself quite exhausted and excuses himself to go get some sleep. Sasha hoists him over her shoulder, with the intent of simply dragging him along. Richard is briefly left behind as the party departs for the monastery, as he has slipped aboard a ship to see if there are Eels in the bilge. (Quidd once read him a fictional story in which there were eels in the bilge of a ship, and so far as he knows, this is their habitat.) He is unsuccessful in this quest, and is informed by a sailor that nothing lives in the bilge, at all. Dejected, Richard runs to catch up with the group.
End Session

A Hunter's Dream
Session 2; 4/8/2016

Epiloguing the first session as a recap, Those Damn Kids continued to the monastery to prank Father Greyson. Quidd procured a bucket of water and, inspired by the dousing Caery gave him earlier, conspired to hang it above Greyson’s door. They crept up silently, but as Quidd pushed open the door, a bucket of water pured on his head- doubtless already placed there by Father Greyson. Quidd rage-quit the prank, and the group departed a little after..
Sasha returns home to fix herself an early dinner and check the snares. Dark has fallen, and she takes her time at the chores, having begun to run short of things to do around the house. Darryl has still not returned. About halfway out on her snare route, four rabbits on her belt, she catches sight of a pure white Stag through the trees. It looks up at her, stares a moment, then bolts- in its wake, night birds squawk and other small critters begin to make a great deal of noise, as if suddenly enraged. She takes off after it immediately, noting that it seems entirely unhindered by the undergrowth, and makes no discernable noise. It takes all her skill to keep behind it as it swiftly outpaces her, heading toward the edge of the forest.
Richard slipped out early from the prank in order to make it to dinner with his family, as was promised to Annabelle. Dinner is quiet and tense, and he eats voraciously before retreating to the Glen to avoid conversation. He naps for a few hours, then decides to go see if Sasha is still awake. Within the hour, as he approaches the woods near Sasha’s, he is startled by a white Stag bursting from the trees. It immediately veers from his path, dashing toward the Basin proper. Hearing someone on the Stag’s trail, he bolts after the animal, assuming a human shape. Sasha emerges from the trees to see the stag well across the fields, with another shape pursuing it in the waxing moonlight. She gives chase, third in line as the lot of them race toward the basin.
At the limit of the farmlands of Berem, a fence stands- rather than leaping it, the Stag runs right through the solid matter. Richard skids to a stop, suddenly losing interest in chasing some unnatural thing;. He stops to rest at the fence, to await whoever is giving chase. Sasha catches up, and he tells her about the Stag running right through the fence, then asks if she “wants to get into a fight. With him. Only, against someone else. Maybe hunting?” They decide to go together on a deer hunt.
After some deliberation and searching after game trails at the edge of the woods, they head further into the forest. In some time, they spot a herd of odd-looking deer- about half among the group seem to be liminescent, with glowing, pulsing veins. They sneak up on the group, and a short scuffle ensues as Sasha hurls a spear into glowing Buck. Richard charges forward from the brush and wrestles the deer to the ground so Sasha can finish it. With each piercing of its flesh, however, a burst of electricity is emitted from the deer. By a stroke of luck, the pair emerge unscathed, but this has been an odd experience. Sasha field dresses the deer and carries it home, while Richard stays behind momentarily to see if there’s anything unusual about the spilled blood- nothing.
The meat seems fine, so Sasha plans to take it and the present stock of rabbit to market the next day. Richard harrasses some livestock on the way home, but otherwise his night is uneventful.
Morning finds Sasha busy loading the cart with game meat to deliver- Darryl usually handles this job, as the cart is meant to be pulled by a horse, but she manages well enough to get the job done. It takes up her entire day. Richard heads to town, intending to tell Quidd that he’s angry with him for lying about “Bilge Eels”. As he reaches the Wishing Bridge he runs into Caery, who is playing fetch with Fen, and decides to stop and join her for a bit. They chat, and Richard is introduced to Fen. Seeing him out of Water, Richard concludes that Fen is not, after all, an imaginary dog, but is clearly an invisible dog capable of controlling water with his mind. The bucket in which Caery keeps Fen is obviously for his mind-dog water.
Caery counsels Richard on the subject of Quidd’s “lie”, having read the book richard got the idea from- those ships were clearly not pirate ships, and the bilge-eels in the story were on a pirate ship. Logic. Richard feels horrible and runs off to apologise to Quidd, who is in bed with a head cold, having been doused twice the previous day with cold water. Richard tosses pebbles at Quidd’s window until someone opens it and points him at Quidd’s actual window, apologises, and leaves Quidd in confusion over what he’s apologising for. Quidd promises to see Richard tomorrow when he’s allowed out of bed. Caery returns to the monastery for dinner, Richard goes home, and Sasha returns, exhausted, with the cart.
End Session.

Broody and the Beast
Session 3

That night (The night following session 2), Caery goes down to the mill pond to read scary stories late at night, and encounters a strange little flying creature- it drops a mysterious jar. Richard goes to find Sasha, but she is asleep, so he occupies himself with a run. Climbing a tree, and looking about, he notes a strange greenish light reflecting off the peaks of the mountains. His wandering takes him near the mill pond, where he encounters Caery not realising that he is in him animal shape. He flees, and winds up back home as the rain picks up in the night. Caery flees the rain, going to her niece Alana’s home, where she spends the night.

Dead Man Walking
Session 4

Caery spends the day (Following Session 3) at Alana’s, as the rain continues through the day. Quidd, still sick with his head cold, gets up early anyway to go get Richard. Sasha remains home, doing what work she can in the pouring rain. Richard and Quidd spend the day trying to track down Caery, to no avail. Quidd concludes at some point that Father Greyson is a Demon, and tries to ward him off with the sign of the something or another when she isn’t at the monastery. Richard returns home late, only to be informed by a distraught Annabelle that someone has broken into the mill- and apparently stolen the cadaver of Charles Dunsor. She intends to alert the sherrif in the morning. Richard resolves to take matters into his own hands.

Avengers Assemble- Slowly, Slowly Assemble
Session 5

Richard dashes to Sahsa’s home, still in the pouring rain, to get her help. With no explanation, they depart for town to assemble the group. They bump into Halgrim at the Inn, where he lives, and, as a passing acquaintance, Richard commandeers HIS help, too. They retrieve Quidd, and get Caery from the closest thing the Monastery has to a Library. The bunch all trek to Richard’s, arriveing late at night, sodden and miserable. They examine the place, and find a wooden, waxed stopper just like the one on the jar of embalming fluid which Caery is still carrying around. Quidd, exhausted and still sick, passed out at the mill, and they tuck him in- righton top of Charles Dunsor’s bier- before splitting up to search. Grim and Richard follow the scant tracks of the apparent thieves to the woods, and then to a low stone cairn. Sasha and Caery go to Alana’s to ask about the jar, but are exhausted and promptly fall asleep.

Dead Men Carry Valium
Session 6

Richard and Halgrim explore the crypt, and are put to sleep. Sasha and Caery find out about the council having ordered those jars, goes to check on Quidd, and the lot of them go find Richard and Halgrim passed out. They wait for those two to come to, intending to explore this tomb after they awaken.

The tomb belonged to one Jacob Mock, who had been a Lieutentant of the Burnt King at the time of his rule, and according to History, was the one responsible for overseeing the setting of Charon’s Blaze upon his orders.

I did not have Sex with that Woman
Session 7

Having joined Halgrim and Richard in a spot of sleep, Quidd’s fever only gets worse. The rain worsens as Richard and Sasha decide to carry him to the closest place of healing they know- Aelita’s. (This is, mind you, only barely closer than his own home.)
Aelita and Marten are holding their book club meeting- Caery is also a member of this club, but has been with Sasha and didn’t make it. Sasha kicks in the door of Aelita’s reading room at the River Shrine, sending it flying across the room. Marten tries to make himself scarce as Sasha and Richard enlist Aelita’s help for the unconscious Quidd.
Aelita checks his fever, and has the party bring him to her room at the shrine- her family are all at their home, within about a stone’s throw, but nobody wishes to brave the rain- let alone deal with her family. At some point, Quidd awakens and makes quite a lot of noise trying to get out of being treated. He wants to go back out into the rain to see the inside of the tomb they found. Only Marten and Halgrim hear the approaching footsteps which give warning to the arrival of Aelita’s mother Seidi- who barges in to the sight of Aelita straddling Quidd on the bed, pinning his arms and trying to get him to cooperate with being treated.
The party has never seen Aelita move so fast. She attempts to sink into the wall as her mother calmly asks “What exactly is going on in here?” There are two boys in her daughter’s room that she can see. However, upon the explanation that they brought Quidd here because he was sick, she shifts into healer-mode, enlisting the majority of the party in making him submit to acupressure, draining his sinuses, and sending him home to bed. Aelita waits in terror to hear what her punishment will be, only to be told that she did very well as a healer, making sure the patient didn’t escape.
Richard, who made the “Upside-down-triangle-sign-against-evil” upon her entry, is corrected- that thing he has seen her do is steepling her fingers. Seidi leaves him more or less out of the process. At one point she has to utilise hold person to get Quidd to stop squirming, and at the end of the few hours, sends Aelita with Quidd to give care instructions to his mother. These are to be followed to the letter.
Richard’s father being missing and also dead are brought up, and Aelita immediately concludes that he must be a (dreamy) vampire, but Richard seems set that they won’t be able to find him now. He asks Aelita what she might know about green glowing in the mountains, and upon his elaboration, the group decides to investigate.
End Session

A Corpse in the Greenhand
Session 8

The party all make individual preparations for a night out in the woods, expecting that the trip will take them out too far to make it home before bed. Fable and Halgrim bring next to nothing, because Fable is a showoff and Halgrim is a city-boy. Sasha is as well packed as she usually is, and Richard has brought a blanket-bundle large enough to contain a kidnapped dwarf. The rest of the party are decked out to one degree or another, some with rope, some with less usefull materials. Between the bunch, they might have standard adventuring gear for two people.
Aelita, Halgrim, Marten, and Quidd gather in town, and head out to find richard, bumping into Fable on the way, who is invited along by an overly excited Quidd. He comes along, bringing only his practice stick, and they pick up Richard and Sasha, then following Sasha’s guidance to wind their way up into the mountains, arguing all the way about whether the forest is haunted and whether glowing deer are a real thing. This discussion is interrupted when they come upon a pack of those very deer, glowing with orange fleck and stripes. A mountain lion has also taken interest, and charges at the same time as Sasha. Sasha puts a deer in a headlock, whilst the Lion bites onto a deer and is immediately forced back by the bursts of flame which erupt from it. The Lion retreats as its prey falls dead, and the rest of the deer flee. Sasha’s escapes, and Aelita runs after the mountain lion to try and heal or befriend it. Unsuccessfully, Quidd, Fable, and Marten dive to try and stop her pursuit.
Loony-tunes moments over, and argument about glowing deer settled, the party continues up and over the mountain, straggling across ill-worn paths to their approximated destination. In time, they come upon an extravagantly large greenhouse, streaked with age and well-past abandoned; in the heart of the courtyard which stands before it lies a pool, into which a great deal of detritus has been thrown. This heap glows vividly green, and steams in the afternoon sun. As Fable runs to touch the greenhouse and prove he is the bravest, Quidd tries to circle around and see what is insode the greenhouse. He is distracted by the corpse of some kind of soldier. At their approach, the pool hisses and pops, and Aelita is limned in faerie fire. Fable explores the greenhouse as the party examines this body and concludes that he was murdered by the statue which stands over him.
Richard’s bundle begins to kick- he puts it down to reveal that Caery has been inside the whole time. They group pulls down the statue and sasha smashes it to pieces, as additional seeming magical effects occasionally spew from the pool. Halgrim searches the various small sheds which stand on the property, finding a number of useful alchemical items. A spark from the pool causes Quidd’s rapier to animate itself and attack him; he parries and lunges against it before Aelita shoots it out of the air, sending it spinning to stick in the ground.
In the meantime, Fable has been searching around inside the main portion of the Greenhouse. He has found a number of books and unlabeled jars of unknown providence. He pockets a few blank journals with the insignia of a green, thorn-circled hand around them. The party are finally driven inside when a swarm of metallic insects rises, half-formed, from the glowing pool and attacks Aelita and Caery- Fen fights them off, as Quidd shouts for everyone to get inside. The retreat is accompanied by a hiss of mist, which fills the courtyard and surrounds the greenhouse as the last of them get inside. They rejoin Fable, and look around the central area to realise there is no other way out, as far as they can see.
The find one adjoining chamber to be blocked at the door by some large object which has fallen against it, while the other is open.They investigate the chamber to find a large pool of lilies, and several toppled bookshelves. With a shriek, Aelita points- half-hidden among the lilies in the pond, a body lies facedown and unmoving.
End Session

Two in the Bush
Session 9

The party commences a search of the lily-pond room- toppled shelves which held jars of unknown liquid substances have spilt their contents into a mixed puddle on the ground. Richard climbs into the pond to drag the cadaver closer to the edge, using his stick- they determine that this stranger, wearing the robes of a gardener with the emblem of a green hand on them, was stabbed or otherwise killed by punctures in his chest. Richard drops the body back into the water. Marten finds an old, knobby walking staff leaning against the one wall, and takes it with them.
Aelita, avoiding the sight of the corpse, goes to investigate the opposing door. She can hear rustling movement beyond it, but a great weight seems to be holding the doors shut. Richard eventually joins her, and proceeds to smash out the pane of glass directly beside the door. They wait, as the rustling grows closer, then, a skeletal face appears from the overgrown plants within! It is followed by the rest of its body, humanoid, but seemingly scrunched in on itself, its bones covered with a patchy green mold-like substance which partially obscures its armour and emblem- like the soldier outside, a blank coat of arms crossed over with a red “X”. It goves off a strangely visible cloud of foulness, which they realise upon its approach are some kind of spores. Richard, Sasha and Marten are driven into coughing fits as it comes nearer. Sasha swings the hammer-poll of her axe at the creature’s torso, but instead of shattering, the bone spongily caves in, and springs back outward.
They change tactics, slashing at the bones, and the skeletal horror soon falls, unmoving, into a heap- the spores, however, are still visible. The party smashes out the other window-side, hearing more sounds of movement from within that side of the greenhouse. When no hostile force comes through, they enter, taking the fight to the mold-monsters, of which they encounter two more among the overgrown plant stalks within. They find that the doors had been blocked by a series of heavy shelves, which, again, had been toppled, spilling their contents. At the opposite end of this room lie another set of double doors. Richard grows more visibly agitated as the minutes continue and the fog outside doesn’t seem to abate. He paces nervously, sweating and panting, feeling trapped. Marten and Aelita pass through the doors to find a large workroom, clearly set up as a functioning alchemical laboratory, or something very like one. Aelita leaves Marten to make a search of it, whilst she returns to the heavily overgrown plant room, Richard returns to the main section, and Sasha goes upstairs and outside to see if she can detect any change in the fog.
Quite suddenly, Richard sees that there is someone- or something- standing outside the front door, in the fog. One arm raised, it seems very close, but unmoving. He shouts for Aelita, who, searching along a workbench in the next room, looks up- only to see the silhouette of a figure outside her window. She dashes back to the main, leaping into the arms of an astonished Marten, who had just gotten back himself. They cautiously approach the front door, but when the figure is unmoving still, they decide to smash out a pane. Richard has gone stiff with fear. Looking through their broken hole, they see that the figure is a statue, looking as if it has been cobbled together from bits of other statuary- much like the large one outside, which they toppled.
Richard is now in a state of flull blown panic- the statues are alive, JUST LIKE IN THAT BOOK! He grabs the party memebrs and flees through the workshop. Before opening the doors to check for fog, he does a head count- Sasha, still up on the roof, is missing. He flies back into the greenhouse, followed by the party, to witness her magnificent entrance, half jump and half fall, through the ceiling- Fable kicks himself for having not thought of that first. They fling open the workshop doors to find the bank of fog, steadily creeping across that field of vision, and Richard backs right up into the greenhouse, stiff as a board. They’re trapped for sure now. No way out, no escape. The party, meaning Sasha, has to carry him away from the door, as his legs seem to have stopped working.
After some brief debate, Sasha smashes out the back wall of the greenhouse- two or three panes, enough to walk through. They find themselves faced with perhaps thirty feet of open grass and shrubbery to a steep cliffside, which the greenhouse is built against. The slope is perhaps seventy degrees of rock, broken only by the occasional hardy tree or shrub. Sasha and Aelita pool their rope, and decide they have enough to try and scale the cliff, if only Sasha can get up it to secure the line. She makes it thirty feet up and secures the first rope, before losing her footing and falling. At this point, Richard loses complete control, and begins to shift. The party witnesses in horror as his form twists and melts, reshaping into the general form of some wolflike beast of bark and earth and twisted iron, with shards of glass and plant stalks protruding shaggily from its back. He then bounds off into the trees, quickly disappearing from sight. Sasha’s falling injuries, her second bunch of the day, use up most of the rest of Aelita’s magic, and the group tries to follow Richard, to no avail. They shelter briefly in a Gazebo in the courtyard, before dashing back off and up the road, hoisting Caery up bodily so that she can keep up.
After an good hour’s run, the party slows their pace, satisfied that they are far enough from the danger. Unsure where Richard has gone off to, they begin the journey back home, but dark soon forces them to make camp. Sasha designates the lions’ share of the work, being one of the only members capable of getting along in the wild, and she is able to forage enough from the surrounding forest to make a proper meal of their cobbled rations. They all catch a bit of sleep, too tired to set watches and stay awake. Marten ends up watching camp for most of the night, before dozing off before dawn. Caery is the first up, and the only one conscious when a rather large bear walks through camp, investigating the food-smell they have left behind. It doesn’t harrass or wake anyone, and she spends a few minutes whispering quietly at the bear while it decides she isn’t much of a meal. About two hours after the bear leaves, Aelita wakes, followed by the rest of the party. They pack up and head on down the road, initially forgetting to wake Marten, who is still asleep in his patch of grass. Along the road, Richard, who has trailed them through the night, catches them up and slips back into line without a word.
They spend the rest of the day hiking home without incident, without a stop for lunch, since, surprise, half the party didn’t bring anything for rations. What food they had was split between them for dinner. Sasha, Marten and Aelita scavenge berries for the group along the trail as they walk, and prevent Fable from poisoning himself trying to do likewise. Finally, close again to Sasha’a home as late afternoon draws near, they hear the familiar shout of Darryl’s “Come on them, big fella!” coupled by the roar of what is more than likely a bear. They choose not to try and intercept him, and head home to their individual families whilst Sasha rushes to check all the snares before Darryl checks for her. With varying degrees of success, they slip in their respective back-doors and head to bed.
End Session


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