Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

A Corpse in the Greenhand

Session 8

The party all make individual preparations for a night out in the woods, expecting that the trip will take them out too far to make it home before bed. Fable and Halgrim bring next to nothing, because Fable is a showoff and Halgrim is a city-boy. Sasha is as well packed as she usually is, and Richard has brought a blanket-bundle large enough to contain a kidnapped dwarf. The rest of the party are decked out to one degree or another, some with rope, some with less usefull materials. Between the bunch, they might have standard adventuring gear for two people.
Aelita, Halgrim, Marten, and Quidd gather in town, and head out to find richard, bumping into Fable on the way, who is invited along by an overly excited Quidd. He comes along, bringing only his practice stick, and they pick up Richard and Sasha, then following Sasha’s guidance to wind their way up into the mountains, arguing all the way about whether the forest is haunted and whether glowing deer are a real thing. This discussion is interrupted when they come upon a pack of those very deer, glowing with orange fleck and stripes. A mountain lion has also taken interest, and charges at the same time as Sasha. Sasha puts a deer in a headlock, whilst the Lion bites onto a deer and is immediately forced back by the bursts of flame which erupt from it. The Lion retreats as its prey falls dead, and the rest of the deer flee. Sasha’s escapes, and Aelita runs after the mountain lion to try and heal or befriend it. Unsuccessfully, Quidd, Fable, and Marten dive to try and stop her pursuit.
Loony-tunes moments over, and argument about glowing deer settled, the party continues up and over the mountain, straggling across ill-worn paths to their approximated destination. In time, they come upon an extravagantly large greenhouse, streaked with age and well-past abandoned; in the heart of the courtyard which stands before it lies a pool, into which a great deal of detritus has been thrown. This heap glows vividly green, and steams in the afternoon sun. As Fable runs to touch the greenhouse and prove he is the bravest, Quidd tries to circle around and see what is insode the greenhouse. He is distracted by the corpse of some kind of soldier. At their approach, the pool hisses and pops, and Aelita is limned in faerie fire. Fable explores the greenhouse as the party examines this body and concludes that he was murdered by the statue which stands over him.
Richard’s bundle begins to kick- he puts it down to reveal that Caery has been inside the whole time. They group pulls down the statue and sasha smashes it to pieces, as additional seeming magical effects occasionally spew from the pool. Halgrim searches the various small sheds which stand on the property, finding a number of useful alchemical items. A spark from the pool causes Quidd’s rapier to animate itself and attack him; he parries and lunges against it before Aelita shoots it out of the air, sending it spinning to stick in the ground.
In the meantime, Fable has been searching around inside the main portion of the Greenhouse. He has found a number of books and unlabeled jars of unknown providence. He pockets a few blank journals with the insignia of a green, thorn-circled hand around them. The party are finally driven inside when a swarm of metallic insects rises, half-formed, from the glowing pool and attacks Aelita and Caery- Fen fights them off, as Quidd shouts for everyone to get inside. The retreat is accompanied by a hiss of mist, which fills the courtyard and surrounds the greenhouse as the last of them get inside. They rejoin Fable, and look around the central area to realise there is no other way out, as far as they can see.
The find one adjoining chamber to be blocked at the door by some large object which has fallen against it, while the other is open.They investigate the chamber to find a large pool of lilies, and several toppled bookshelves. With a shriek, Aelita points- half-hidden among the lilies in the pond, a body lies facedown and unmoving.
End Session


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