Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

A Hunter's Dream

Session 2; 4/8/2016

Epiloguing the first session as a recap, Those Damn Kids continued to the monastery to prank Father Greyson. Quidd procured a bucket of water and, inspired by the dousing Caery gave him earlier, conspired to hang it above Greyson’s door. They crept up silently, but as Quidd pushed open the door, a bucket of water pured on his head- doubtless already placed there by Father Greyson. Quidd rage-quit the prank, and the group departed a little after..
Sasha returns home to fix herself an early dinner and check the snares. Dark has fallen, and she takes her time at the chores, having begun to run short of things to do around the house. Darryl has still not returned. About halfway out on her snare route, four rabbits on her belt, she catches sight of a pure white Stag through the trees. It looks up at her, stares a moment, then bolts- in its wake, night birds squawk and other small critters begin to make a great deal of noise, as if suddenly enraged. She takes off after it immediately, noting that it seems entirely unhindered by the undergrowth, and makes no discernable noise. It takes all her skill to keep behind it as it swiftly outpaces her, heading toward the edge of the forest.
Richard slipped out early from the prank in order to make it to dinner with his family, as was promised to Annabelle. Dinner is quiet and tense, and he eats voraciously before retreating to the Glen to avoid conversation. He naps for a few hours, then decides to go see if Sasha is still awake. Within the hour, as he approaches the woods near Sasha’s, he is startled by a white Stag bursting from the trees. It immediately veers from his path, dashing toward the Basin proper. Hearing someone on the Stag’s trail, he bolts after the animal, assuming a human shape. Sasha emerges from the trees to see the stag well across the fields, with another shape pursuing it in the waxing moonlight. She gives chase, third in line as the lot of them race toward the basin.
At the limit of the farmlands of Berem, a fence stands- rather than leaping it, the Stag runs right through the solid matter. Richard skids to a stop, suddenly losing interest in chasing some unnatural thing;. He stops to rest at the fence, to await whoever is giving chase. Sasha catches up, and he tells her about the Stag running right through the fence, then asks if she “wants to get into a fight. With him. Only, against someone else. Maybe hunting?” They decide to go together on a deer hunt.
After some deliberation and searching after game trails at the edge of the woods, they head further into the forest. In some time, they spot a herd of odd-looking deer- about half among the group seem to be liminescent, with glowing, pulsing veins. They sneak up on the group, and a short scuffle ensues as Sasha hurls a spear into glowing Buck. Richard charges forward from the brush and wrestles the deer to the ground so Sasha can finish it. With each piercing of its flesh, however, a burst of electricity is emitted from the deer. By a stroke of luck, the pair emerge unscathed, but this has been an odd experience. Sasha field dresses the deer and carries it home, while Richard stays behind momentarily to see if there’s anything unusual about the spilled blood- nothing.
The meat seems fine, so Sasha plans to take it and the present stock of rabbit to market the next day. Richard harrasses some livestock on the way home, but otherwise his night is uneventful.
Morning finds Sasha busy loading the cart with game meat to deliver- Darryl usually handles this job, as the cart is meant to be pulled by a horse, but she manages well enough to get the job done. It takes up her entire day. Richard heads to town, intending to tell Quidd that he’s angry with him for lying about “Bilge Eels”. As he reaches the Wishing Bridge he runs into Caery, who is playing fetch with Fen, and decides to stop and join her for a bit. They chat, and Richard is introduced to Fen. Seeing him out of Water, Richard concludes that Fen is not, after all, an imaginary dog, but is clearly an invisible dog capable of controlling water with his mind. The bucket in which Caery keeps Fen is obviously for his mind-dog water.
Caery counsels Richard on the subject of Quidd’s “lie”, having read the book richard got the idea from- those ships were clearly not pirate ships, and the bilge-eels in the story were on a pirate ship. Logic. Richard feels horrible and runs off to apologise to Quidd, who is in bed with a head cold, having been doused twice the previous day with cold water. Richard tosses pebbles at Quidd’s window until someone opens it and points him at Quidd’s actual window, apologises, and leaves Quidd in confusion over what he’s apologising for. Quidd promises to see Richard tomorrow when he’s allowed out of bed. Caery returns to the monastery for dinner, Richard goes home, and Sasha returns, exhausted, with the cart.
End Session.


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