Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

And So It Begins

Session 1; 4/1/2016

Spring has come and flowered fully in the Scorched Basin- crops are since sown and growing nicely, and the bustle of planting has died down to a comfortable level. The first festivals of early are several weeks away. Another two trade ships have docked in the past day, and caravaneers bring the first goods of the season to and fro on the road. The characters are just getting back to a little free time after helping their families handle that initial rush, and haven’t seen one another for a little while.
Richard spent all night prior to the session running, both physically and metaphorically. His father, Charles Dunsor, passed away two days ago, after a horrible downward spiral suffering from an unknown disease which left him pale and shriveling, suffering from cold sweats. The family is in mourning, Richard is avoiding everybody more than usual, and none of his friends know. He fell asleep, exhausted, just before dawn, not to awaken until his sister Anabelle comes to find him around noon.
Sasha, while out resetting snares in the early morning, takes note of some unusual markings on a tree a ways outside her normal patrol range. Investigating, she finds the bark of the tree has been abraded away, as if by rough stone or sandpaper. There are bear tracks around the base of the tree- black bear, so far as she can tell. Making a note that they seem not to head toward town, she finishes the snare route. Quidd hasn’t arrived at her home, which he usually does by that time if he’s coming. She heads back to follow those tracks to pass the time. They wind up back into the Gatherridge, but her tracking is interrupted by a wild boar around the point that the trail becomes hard to follow. She climbs to safety in a tree and waits for the boar to lose interest, and notices that the Boar bears bulges beneath the fur as if cancerous, and its tusks drip a greenish fluid. After it leaves, she gives up the trail and heads home to get some work done.
Caery wakes up very early, having gotten very little sleep. She wanders her room aimlessly for a little while, then has some breakfast, and informs Father Greyson (Great-Uncle Teddy) that she’s going to take Fen for a walk. And they do walk, right down the road from the Monastery, out of town to the Millpond, and to the water, where she tips him in and proceeds to take a long swim, until past noon. Beneath the roar of the waterfall, and the distance into the woods he practices, she doesn’t hear when Fable arrives some time later.
Fable wakes up early out of habit, dresses in his usual finery and heads down to the docks to see what unusual and showy things or new books he might find down on the docks. He peruses a case of rejects from the Eldren University in Jardhen, lingering for hours over large and ponderous tomes as he makes a show of acting contemplative. He walks away having purchased two books. First, a much-bookmarked copy of “Sorcery for Apprentices”, written in Tamek, whose prosaic language attracts his interest. It is bound in an unfamiliar, pebbly leather, and has pages of reed-paper. Second, a small journal-like black book bound in a waxy, resilient cloth with an embossed “B” on the cover. It seems to be a handwritten confession by someone involved with a secret “Black Cellar” hidden in the deepest cellars of an unspecified vineyard. Someone else has taken notes in the margins, seemingly trying to clue together where this vineyard might be. Two thirds of the way back, a hole has been cut through the rest of the pages to secrete an old, unmarked key. This seems to be the work of someone else entirely. He heads home a little before noon to get some work done, then heads into the wooded area near the Millpond and the River Shrine to practice his dramatic “Sorcerer’s Voice”, and hope he runs into Aelita.
Quidd, having spent a very long night up reading, sleeps little, and wakes at his usual 4 in the bloody morning to go get Richard. However, upon emerging from his parents’ home by the docks, he notices that two more ships have arrived and immediately runs off to look for more storybooks. Harry, a merchant who regularly carries such storybooks, is there in his rakish cap and bright red, many-pocketed vest, and Quidd loses track of the next four hours reading and not buying anything. Harry puts up wth this partly because Quidd keeps bringing back books to return free, and Harry sells them again to other people. The boy is something of a return investment. Around 10am, he suddenly realises he hasn’t gone to Richard’s yet, and sprints off, leaving his bag behind.
Richard, his sister having just left the glen after some tense and teary conversation, wonders where Quidd is- he climbs up the tallest tree in the glen to see him sprinting through a field. Upon arriving, Quidd rather immediately senses that something is wrong, though Richard initially denies it, seeking distraction. Richard confides in Quidd that his father is dead, and Quidd does his best to comfort him. Richard insists that he definitely wants to go about their usual business- his eyes say “Please distract me”. The pair of them dash off to pick up Sasha, before going to bother Caery.
They find Sasha outside the hut, occupying herself with some whittling- she changes out of her leathers when she hears they’re going to join Caery for a swim. They make their way to the Millpond, and interrupt Caery’s solitude with a cry of “Cannonball!”, to which she can only respond, “Oh no, not again.” Fable, in his nearby clearing, hears their shout, and gathers his effects to go meet them. He runs out of the trees with a shout of “Quidd! I got new books!”, which gets Quidd back out of the water in no time at all to dry and look over this “Sorcery for Apprentices” This reminds Quidd that he left his book at the Docks, and the group makes their way back over there to retrieve his back so they can go try to prank Father Greyson, which has not yet been successful- the old man is sharp as a good razor. Having gotten it, though, Quidd finds himself quite exhausted and excuses himself to go get some sleep. Sasha hoists him over her shoulder, with the intent of simply dragging him along. Richard is briefly left behind as the party departs for the monastery, as he has slipped aboard a ship to see if there are Eels in the bilge. (Quidd once read him a fictional story in which there were eels in the bilge of a ship, and so far as he knows, this is their habitat.) He is unsuccessful in this quest, and is informed by a sailor that nothing lives in the bilge, at all. Dejected, Richard runs to catch up with the group.
End Session


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