Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

And Then Sasha and Marten Fucked

Session 26

The first day of the festival continues, from midmorning into dusk.
As recorded 5/17/2017, long late.
Sasha spends the day with Deanna, getting up to various mischief before ending up at the Sea Witch. Marten has been tending bar all day, and has run into Jenna, who was being stalked by a boy with the caravan. Marten had a few stern words with him, by which I mean he knocked him the fuck out with his staf, which seemed to just appear in his hand. He and Jenna have had a lovely day, whilst the guy Marten beat was lying in the alleyway. Richard went and found a live bby deer, and dragged it back to Lord Baird’s manor, where he, the house of Ashe, and Mayor Mattis of Cherry Crossing are having a lunch, discussing the issue of the Bloodless Brotherhood. Aelita and Niel have climbed to the roof of the manor, and are eavesdropping- Aelita finds out at this time that he is the son of Lord and Lady Ashe. He confides his concerns in Aelita about thew Bloodless Brotherhood, and that he thinks they’re a much bigger threat. She brags that their group has beaten them up once or twice, and Niel is suitably impressed- he begs that she keep an eye out, and trusts the defense of this quarter of the world to her, his love. (Blech.) The brunch is interrupted by a young deer running panicked throughout the manor, having been released into a window by Richard. Niel and Aelita take advantage of the confusion to slip down to the balcony as the nobles chase the deer, and snag some treats and a bottle of wine. They then dash off to the shore of Katmara to recite poetry, and for Aelita to invite him to come hear the song she’s composed at what amounts to an open mic later.
The group gathers amongst the town by firelight, and Aelita sings the epic song she has composed about Sasha defeating the Great Worm of Cherry Crossing, which ends in “And Then Sash-a and Mar-ten Did It In The Butt.” Sasha launches herself at Aelita with a shout, and axe-kicks her into unconsciousness before dragging her offstage and to the docks. Marten and Jenna, bluching, take their leave. Richard is nowhere to be seen. Sasha awaits Aelita’s revival, before knocking her into the lake. She is rescued by Niel- Deanna thinks this is all hilarious. Sasha storms off.


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