Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Avengers Assemble- Slowly, Slowly Assemble

Session 5

Richard dashes to Sahsa’s home, still in the pouring rain, to get her help. With no explanation, they depart for town to assemble the group. They bump into Halgrim at the Inn, where he lives, and, as a passing acquaintance, Richard commandeers HIS help, too. They retrieve Quidd, and get Caery from the closest thing the Monastery has to a Library. The bunch all trek to Richard’s, arriveing late at night, sodden and miserable. They examine the place, and find a wooden, waxed stopper just like the one on the jar of embalming fluid which Caery is still carrying around. Quidd, exhausted and still sick, passed out at the mill, and they tuck him in- righton top of Charles Dunsor’s bier- before splitting up to search. Grim and Richard follow the scant tracks of the apparent thieves to the woods, and then to a low stone cairn. Sasha and Caery go to Alana’s to ask about the jar, but are exhausted and promptly fall asleep.


maliklucius maliklucius

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