Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Back with Bacon

Session 21

After dinner, Marten is snatched by Richard to help him with his mysterious cellar. Sasha ad Aelita meet up the next day, but everyone is busy. They spar briefly, channeling Fable a little, before deciding to hunt a Boar.

They encounter a hostile, venemous boar, mutated by the Greenhouse waste which they have dealt with before, and kill it after nearly losing Sasha to its slashing tusks. They then take the boar back to the inn as an apology to Sid and Karen for Sasha having made a mess the other day punching out Dewey.

After comparing bruises with a very drunk Darryl, who has fallen off a mountain, they get into a drinking contest and drink one another under the table on Sid’s homebrew until Sid has to carry then outside and queeze their stomachs empty.


maliklucius maliklucius

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