Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Dead Man Walking

Session 4

Caery spends the day (Following Session 3) at Alana’s, as the rain continues through the day. Quidd, still sick with his head cold, gets up early anyway to go get Richard. Sasha remains home, doing what work she can in the pouring rain. Richard and Quidd spend the day trying to track down Caery, to no avail. Quidd concludes at some point that Father Greyson is a Demon, and tries to ward him off with the sign of the something or another when she isn’t at the monastery. Richard returns home late, only to be informed by a distraught Annabelle that someone has broken into the mill- and apparently stolen the cadaver of Charles Dunsor. She intends to alert the sherrif in the morning. Richard resolves to take matters into his own hands.


maliklucius maliklucius

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