Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

I did not have Sex with that Woman

Session 7

Having joined Halgrim and Richard in a spot of sleep, Quidd’s fever only gets worse. The rain worsens as Richard and Sasha decide to carry him to the closest place of healing they know- Aelita’s. (This is, mind you, only barely closer than his own home.)
Aelita and Marten are holding their book club meeting- Caery is also a member of this club, but has been with Sasha and didn’t make it. Sasha kicks in the door of Aelita’s reading room at the River Shrine, sending it flying across the room. Marten tries to make himself scarce as Sasha and Richard enlist Aelita’s help for the unconscious Quidd.
Aelita checks his fever, and has the party bring him to her room at the shrine- her family are all at their home, within about a stone’s throw, but nobody wishes to brave the rain- let alone deal with her family. At some point, Quidd awakens and makes quite a lot of noise trying to get out of being treated. He wants to go back out into the rain to see the inside of the tomb they found. Only Marten and Halgrim hear the approaching footsteps which give warning to the arrival of Aelita’s mother Seidi- who barges in to the sight of Aelita straddling Quidd on the bed, pinning his arms and trying to get him to cooperate with being treated.
The party has never seen Aelita move so fast. She attempts to sink into the wall as her mother calmly asks “What exactly is going on in here?” There are two boys in her daughter’s room that she can see. However, upon the explanation that they brought Quidd here because he was sick, she shifts into healer-mode, enlisting the majority of the party in making him submit to acupressure, draining his sinuses, and sending him home to bed. Aelita waits in terror to hear what her punishment will be, only to be told that she did very well as a healer, making sure the patient didn’t escape.
Richard, who made the “Upside-down-triangle-sign-against-evil” upon her entry, is corrected- that thing he has seen her do is steepling her fingers. Seidi leaves him more or less out of the process. At one point she has to utilise hold person to get Quidd to stop squirming, and at the end of the few hours, sends Aelita with Quidd to give care instructions to his mother. These are to be followed to the letter.
Richard’s father being missing and also dead are brought up, and Aelita immediately concludes that he must be a (dreamy) vampire, but Richard seems set that they won’t be able to find him now. He asks Aelita what she might know about green glowing in the mountains, and upon his elaboration, the group decides to investigate.
End Session


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