Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Sasha's Bane

Session 19

Party goes to the tavern after arriving home. Marten meets Lord Baird, who is talkng to Seidi. Sasha kick’s Dewitt Green’s ass, throwing him some twenty feet through the air. Richard is complemented on his sailor clothes BY THE GUY WHO OWNED THEM. Leaving that night, Sasha and Richard hear the howls of Beastwraiths off in the farmlands. Richard goes back to the inn to watch over Marten. Sasha goes to fight them unarmed and unarmoured, and is beaten unconscious.
Next morning, Marten takes Ankheg mandibles to Mona, and she is intrigued. He spends the day there talking about books and projects, and telling her about the party’s adventures. Richard is accosted by Darryl, looking for Sasha, and then tracks her down. Finding her seemingly dead, he takes her home and starts to dig a grave.
Darryl finds him there and corrects him-Sasha isn’t dead, just cold as hell. (And sitting at -10, and down about eight points of Strength) He tells Richard to keep digging, and marks out a perimeter, then takes Sasha to the Jahan Shine. Returning, Darryl joins Richard in digging, and by sunset they have dug a section of earth about three feet deep, four by eight wide.


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