Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Sleeping in the Rain

Session 13

A week has passed, with Sasha under the care of Aelita at the shrine long after the disease has been purged. Marten has been keeping himself busy at the tavern, whilst Richard avoids everyone. Jerrin has been back home with his mother.
A duo stops by Jerrin’s, seem suspicious. He fears a break-in, and gets his friends.
They try and camp out overnight while a colossal storm gets to brewing, eventually giving up.
Marten and Jerrin stop by the inn late at night and find them there- they overhear something about having checked out the monastery, as well as Jerrin’s house. The storm has stopped them, but they may well try again. Their uniforms bear the same X-ed out blank coat of arms as those dead men at the Greenhouse. Most everyone but Marten heads over to Aelita’s- Richard takes Caery with him to the Glen.


maliklucius maliklucius

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