Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Uh, Thanks, Sid.

Session 12

Fable wakes in a field, in a faerie ring, and is found shortly by Jerrin, who has never been allowed to have a day to himself before, outside the presence of his overprotective elf-supremacist mother. Jerrin has been allowed out as a gift for his 15th birthday, and is hoping to find that nice-seeming red-haired boy who always runs past his window, and who just seems so friendly.
Aelita sends Marten to get help from the parents, because Sasha seems VERY sick. Her cough has gotten worse, and she is shaking and pale.

Marty has a delightfully awkward conversation about girls with his father, then Karen accompanies him to get Seidi, and he sends them to the farm before carrying onward to retrieve Darryl, who carries him back there. Fable and Jerrin have wandered into the scene, Fable having woken up near that farmhouse. They all tell their stories to the parents, who take Sasha back to the shrine for recovery. Jerrin goes home eventually, and allays his mother’s fear by telling her that he met a very nice half-elf in town, just like him.
End Session


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