Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them

Where are We Going From Here?

Summer Festival into Timeskip of 2 Months

Erin Quidd senior returns home the second day of the festival- the only one of the party to witness this is Marten, who is tending bar and spending time with Jenna when Quidd senior comes in and asks for a drink. Marten immediately knows that something has gone wrong- he had already heard rumours that the Sea Squall had gone down in the storm. Quid Senior insists that everything is fine, but orders a stiff drink nonetheless. This confirms Marten’s suspicions. Quidd Senior doesn’t drink hard liquor. He puts the pieces together over the next little while- something has happened to Quidd. Erin senior has determined to keep quiet about this, not having the heart to tell his son’s friends that as far as he knows, his son is dead. Marten respects this, and doesn’t mention that he knows anything- even to Quidd senior, or his parents. Things with Jenna have gone very well, and he has been thinking of going down to Cherry crossing to spend time with her. He has also considered Mona’s suggestion that he should think of visiting Fallcrest if he wants to learn more about fencing- with news on Quidd’s fate, his thoughts turn toward the future, and who his friends really are. He isn’t really THAT connected to anything here. What’s keeping him here?

Aelita spends time with Niel, who rescued her from the water after Sasha kicked her in. He turns out to be rather body-shy, but very romantic- he writes poetry and the like. By the end of the festival and his departure, they will have sworn their undying love a couple times, blah blah blah, exchanged email addresses. They will continue to write back and forth, sending letters with Caravans and runners, which is sure to eat up time and money, but be totally worth it. Aelita grows in confidence, and spends some time “finding herself”, which the party is unlikely to take seriously but many of the town will be impressed with.

Sasha spends the festival with Deanna, busily not having any duties. They wander the woods and mountains, climb the monastery and get stuck, possibly top the spire, or go rowing, the latter of which Sasha will undoubtedly hate.The aim is that a mutual respect and fast friendship should form between Sasha and Deanna- Sasha’a first gal-pal, in a sense. Maybe Sasha will even give makeup a try. Deanna thinks Miranda is just the coolest- maybe Sasha will grow closer to her mum in the next couple months.

Richard… well, who knows what Richard gets up to. The hunt on the final day of the fesitval was interesting. Richard accompanied them on the hunt itself, and it was rather a dull affair- the forest had never been quieter. He doesn’t stop them investigating his cave, and his “gentleman’s journals” were discovered- he was arrested on suspicion of murder, torture, necromancy, and a whole host of things. The charges were easily disproved, and he was released into the custody of his sister, Mai. Interestingly enough, after he was led out, the hunt got a lot more interesting- those who made it out of the forest describe an ancient primeval forest under a violet sky, from which they barely escaped with their lives- this is par for the course on the yearly hunt.

Quidd, meanwhile, has been making his slow way home. Having washed up on a solitary island inhabited by miners, he was entreated by a forest spirit to aid it getting rid of the miners. This entailed dropped certain poisonous herbs down their smokestacks, which resulted in the death of many of their number, and pulling up many of the iron stakes which keep the spirits of the island at bay. In return, it infused him with certain temporary powers to enable him to get off the island. He was tainted by these powers, however, and has ended up with a level of Warlock.
At the time of the Berem festival, he was arriving offshore of a little fishing town, who were having their own festival. Whetehr he stayed for it is up to him. He may have been busy coping with his new powers, or recovering from the swim. Regardless, after he was ready to travel, he has spent a while traveling home , first through the mountains to Harken, then all the way up the road to Berem. It’s also possible he may havewalked the desolate coast, getting along in the wild as best he could, possible befriending someone along the way who helped him survive. In whatever way, he arrives back in Berem the day of Session 27.

Jerrin, having been out hiding from his mother in the woods with Old Ben, is likely still there.

Caery probably refused to leave the monastery for the entire festival. Gods know what she’s been reading.

Fable returned home from Fallcrest with his Father for the Festival- having likely known Haska, he may have chosen to follow the Drom Caravan out on an adventure of his own.

Halgrim, who went down on the ship with Quidd, has washed up alone, in parts unknown? What yet lies in store for him? Only time will tell.

Sasha has become somewhat famous for slaying the Great Worm of Cherry Crossing. Some people down there are referring to her as Worm’s Bane.

Aelita has been developing her long-distance relationship with Niel- as Summer comes fully underway and the town of Berem grows busy with trade, getting letters back and forth is of little difficulty.

Marten has been in and out of town, having taken a trip to Fallcrest to learn a bit about rapier fighting. He has likely been spending time with Jenna on his path through Cherry Crossing.

Richard may have been briefly imprisoned about those necromancer’s books, but more recently, his sister is plotting to marry him off.

Quidd has only just arrived.


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