Halia, of House Arnwin

Richard's Former Bride-to-Be, Halia would rather become an Adventurer.


Halia is the sole heir to an Estate outside Cherry Crossing, by way of her deceased mother. Having been raised by her Aunt, she was prepared to take over this estate, whether she was particularly interested or not. Since she can only inherit officially if she has an heir of her own, this resulted in a plot between Aunt Heather and Richard’s sister Mai to marry the two of them, simultaneously restoring some of the lost influence of the once-respected Dunsor family and elevating Halia back into Noble status as the head of the House of Arnwin.

It came as a relief to her when Quidd crashed the wedding- Halia wasn’t particularly into the idea of marrying some random boy she barely knew, and has never been quite sold on taking over a legacy she never really wanted a part of- she was going along with all this to make her Aunt happy. Now, Halia has left home to see the world, leaving the Estate in the care of the House of Foxwen, as it has been for years. There will always be more time, she reasons, to decide if she wants the destiny that was prepared for her. In the meantime, she would rather live a life of adventure while she can.

Halia is of middling height, with wavy light-brown hair, and very faintly pointed ears inherited from her half-elven father. She has a small mouth, a delicately down-turned nose, and fine brows, which together make her look constantly pensive. When first the party met her, she was clothed in the tailored, layered look of the nobility, but she has since abandoned those for sturdy, if somewhat impractical traveling clothes. That is to say, the extra belts are very distinctive, but the weight of pouches that it would take to fill them all would be crippling.

She is a creative and self-sufficient, and clearly diligent about her personal hygiene. However, having grown up among nobles has made her suspicious of people’s ulterior motives, and having been indulged so has left her with a healthy disrespect for obsessive social niceties- it’s one of the things that drives her crazy about her Aunt’s peers.
Halia has something of a violent streak- she isn’t afraid to solve problems with her fists, when words fail, as a few party members have found out in the past.

Halia, of House Arnwin

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